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1st Philippine E-Commerce Wholesale Marketplace

We are a registered company with the Department of Trade and Industries last June 26, 2020.

Frederick Rainier Barilla


"Narinig na natin ang mga iba’t-ibang e-commerce websites patuloy na lumalago. Ang Ilan ay ang Amazon ng America, Alibaba ng China, at Lazada ng Singapore. Bakit hindi tayo magkaroon ng isang site na homegrown Ecommerce ng Pilipinas? Dahil dyan, nakakita kami ng isang magandang pangalan na patok na patok sa panlasang Pinoy, ito ay pamilyar sa marami at pasok sa larangan ng kalakalan sa Pilipinas at ito ay ang “bultuhan”, kaya nabuo ang kunseptong “www.bultuhan.com"

Bultuhan Com Publishing Services aims to grow with the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises of the Philippines.

Inspired by the slogan ”Pinas Muna Tayo, Pinas for Travel, Pinas for Shopping” by Benedicto Yujuico, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry President. We promote our services to help, by creating the online marketplace where produce growers, manufacturers, supply vendors, and distributing merchants can showcase their products and services. Not only for the audience of Filipino buyers, rather with our neighboring countries.

We will establish information on how to move goods from region to region, introduce up-to-date order sales and inventory systems, trusted suppliers, and ease of payment from the customer to supply providers. Simply, placing a customized B2C and B2B e-commerce website built for the Philippine regional needs and gearing it up for international export.

"Big ideas come from Covid19 lockdowns” ... we must think positively even through the most challenging times. Dropshipping goods and safety business service measures can help restrain the spread. An effective e-commerce website can make lines connect.

We are building up a team of highly skilled personnel for graphic arts, content writing, and experienced Trade Experts to handle the day-to-day operations. Partnered with the best financial analysts and internationally proven program developers. A customer service team is also inevitable, which will be continuously doing support for buyers and sellers.

We are also open to investors who would want to partake interests on this business model conquest. Most importantly, we are mailing and meeting up with manufacturers, supply vendors, and distributing merchants with whom we qualify their products proven to delight you Our Customers.

Bultuhan for Buyers

  • The best place to get a good deal! Know how much is it to buy it in retail and wholesale. Order more and get the best price. Keep in mind, some margins can only get that low.
  • The convenience of online shopping products and services to you anytime and anywhere - from 82 provinces of the Philippines.
  • Find diverse and locally produced products to consume, use for manufacturing or resell.
  • If you own or starting up a business, and needed new suppliers. You have come to the right Site.
  • Pinoys have been remarkably famous for best service in the field of travel hospitality, find great travel services from different businesses around the country.

Bultuhan for Vendors / Merchants / Wholesalers / Growers and Manufacturers

  • Your Company and Products will be seen by the growing thousands who are also thriving to find new products to consume, to use for manufacturing, and/or to resell.
  • We are your Free marketing arm who will handle SEO, Google Adwords, Advertising Campaigns, and Newsletter correspondents to continuously promote you, your products, and services.
  • Getting started is fast, we provide you a turnkey web-based solution. The tools we provide you are the best in class.
  • We have been in systems web-based solutions for a while, providing you different advice every step of the way to maximize achieving your success.
  • The exposure of your products is free, we only get paid a service fee only per order.


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