bultuhan.com Opens for Produce Growers, Manufacturers, Supply Vendors, and Distributing Merchants

by Frederick Rainier Barilla


Why Become Our Merchant/Vendor?

Our wholesale eCommerce marketplace is now open for Philippine growers, manufacturers, supply vendors, and distributing merchants to showcase your product and services. Partnering with us, expect mutual growth. We will face the challenges of becoming the homegrown leader and the number one wholesale online eCommerce center of the Philippines.

The marketplace is currently running behind a curtain; systems tests and process streamlining are at work. Once we have completed this phase and with adequate product suppliers, we will start advertising to the public.

What a Merchant/Vendor Does?

There are two roles that a Vendor can fulfill: do it yourself sales monitoring or assign a sales manager.

Your product and services at bultuhan.com marketplace online software vendor panel has built-in editors to create choices, discounts, best in class functions and added filters for better customer online shopping experience. Provide your supply ability to inform both retail customers and extend the scope of of your business to get involved in B2B transactions.Create your page articles and update customers with write up blogs of what is happening in your organization.

Being your marketplace platform of choice, no programming or template code editing is involved. Learn more about your vendor panel system in our video tutorials.  

We have Application Developers contributing to the progress success of bultuhan.com by adding payment, shipping, and help desk services, marketing tools, and other essentials to make things work for you.

How to Join?

Fill out the application for the Vendor/Merchant account in this link and we will review and activate your account. We will be asking  you to provide the necessary information needed and start selling on both retail and wholesale to the many customers who will be visiting the E-Commerce marketplace of bultuhan.com

Find our short presentation how our marketing plan will work for our customers here.

Please read through our Policies and Agreements for clear understandings of how our services work.

If you have any questions about the initial process, feel free to ask our team via the Facebook Bultuhan Group or mail us at support@bultuhan.com. We have prepared vendor training videos to help you understand the Site system to help you get set up fast.

We are happy to answer any questions about becoming a Vendor/Merchant in the comments section. 

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See you soon!


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