Introducing Bultuhan’s Official Mascot Name - Buloe!

by Frederick Rainier Barilla

We are naming our mascot "Buloe"

Pronounced as bu-lo-ē.

We had the team bultuhan meeting last week and reviewed the entries of who had the best name idea for our mascot. We were reading through the Facebook entries and found that our Philippine Carabao had such different names - in different dialects and many parts of the country.

Our mascot symbolizes the hardworking Filipino and is such fitting to be the best symbol for and all its Philippine micro, small and medium enterprises that it represents.Being the 1st Philippine E-Commerce Wholesale Marketplace which you can directly buy from MSME products and services, either by retail or wholesale to consume, use, or resell.

Our goal is to bring back our sense of pride and ownership with our products and services. 

Agricultural raw products are the pride of our country and the many products which are produced from it. Bring back the confidence to reunite with our producers and traders. Increase attention and be known globally. We have chosen this name because it's a young carabao and was electronically or digitally created. Bultuhan is a young company like Buloe. You will be seeing him in many of our future posts and banners of our website.

A mascot with a name creates a stronger bond with the public. 

It gives it an identity beyond just "brown carabao" or “haw-haw". What name should we choose? Our contest guided us with a few tips from participants for finding inspiration for our mascot’s name. 

This is one of the ideas we would like to reach out to our countrymen who would engage to start a business. Coming out with a mascot creates the branding for your product. Simple and getting the message to your market. It costs not so much to get a graphic artist creating and doodling on the idea... like when we got PatHouse Designs to improve an earlier version of Buloe.Thank you to the participants who joined in and somehow gave efforts to follow the guidelines.

Idea Contest Winners:

3rd winner goes to “Damulag” by Mando Cruz Albarico Sr. (for being consistent to win, posted on our Facebook Page)

2nd winner goes to “Carabull” by Jose Aldrich Alivio (thank you for following the guidelines)

1st winner goes to “Bulo” by Teosfisto Tenerio (short but right on the spot, posted on our Facebook Page)

The 2 guys need to register here on the website to get the gift certificates and use on the available products our vendors have. Also to make the entries officially fair.

We are continuously growing day-by-day to unify both vendors and products on the website. With this, we can offer better promotions and offers. Trying our Gift Certificates for your friends can be sure that they will choose a present to their liking and will remember that you cared!


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