Calamansi Concentrate with Wild Honey, 550ml.

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Consider it the National Juice of the Philippines!

Calamansi, a citrus fruit also known as Citrofortunella Microcarpa or Calamondin. It is native to the Philippines. Currently it is also widely grown in India, throughout southern Asia, and Malaysia. Calamansi is available year-round in the country. Basically used in about any meal as a condiment with 1 piece of chilly - but it tastes better as a juice.

The calamansi tree grows to about 25 feet tall at maturity. The fruit of the calamansi tree is small, green when ripe, has a spongy or leathery rind, is segmented and has small seeds. The pulp is very acidic.

Sweetened with Ligwan Pure Wild Honey

Because we onl want to provide you the best of products, we have sweetened our calamansi concentrate with only best pure wild honey from Ligwan. You will surely enjoy every glass when mixed with water and ice. Not only it is refreshing, it is nutritious all the way to boost your immune system. Get you out from any cold and cough.

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6 Months
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Port of Lucena
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PET Bottle

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