Premium Adlai Rice, 1 Kg

Bukidnon, North Mindanao
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A heirloom grain which is found to be better than rice!

Adlai grain, which is also called "Job's tears," is similar to rice, both in preparation and use. It's becoming a new, pampabusog staple for households looking for a healthier, diabetic-friendly substitute to rice, pasta, risotto, paella, and other classic dishes (it can even work as champorado, arroz caldo, or kakanin).

What's in Adlai that many are talking about it?

According to the Bureau of Agricultural Research, a lot. Adlai grain has good amounts of complex carbohydrates that are still lower than brown and white rice. It's rich in protein and dietary fiber (a cup already has 14% of the daily recommended value), making it good for digestion, too. It's also high in calcium (25 mg), phosphorus (43.5 mg), iron (5 mg), niacin (4.3 mg), thiamine (0.28 mg), and riboflavin (0.19 mg). It's got zero sodium and sugar content, and only scores 55 on the glycemic index scale, putting it on the low-glycemic range – perfect for those watching their blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Counting calories? A cup of non-GMO adlai only has 160.

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No Minimum
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1 Year
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Bukidnon, North Mindanao
Port of Cagayan de Oro City
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1-5 Days
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Aluminum Foil Sachets

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