Rambutan Grafted Seedlings (Maharlika Variety)

Bukidnon, North Mindanao
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The methods of propagation for the Rambutan crop are: seed, grafting and layering.

The seed propagation is relatively easy, but it is not recommended for crop production, as the resulting seedlings are very variable and about 50% or more may be exclusively male-flowered plants (TINDALL, 1994), however, the sowing to obtain rootstocks should be used.

Some factors affect the germination, among them the temperature, which according to Carvalho and Nakagawa (2012) is the most important factor, since it exerts influence on the metabolic reactions, also affecting the growth of the seedlings. According to the species, the minimum, optimal and maximum temperatures are quite variable, and the optimum temperature for most seeds varies from 25 to 30 ° C.

What is sustainable development? 

It starts at your home. The natural material that comes from Rambutan is indeed very useful and one of the best gift we have ever received from nature. It can be transformed into many different products and are not a waste of money, time, and effort.

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