Trio Cleene Hand Soap (Commercial), 6 Gallons x 1 Box, for Resellers Available Scents: Apple, White Dove and Lemon Grass

Metro Manila, NCR
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Trio Cleene hand soap is all natural and biodegradable, safe, and clean. protects, softens skin with essential organic lemon oil. Cleans and nourishes hand naturally with a feeling of freshness. It eliminates millions of bacteria.

Ingredients:  Raw materials of this product are all ECO FRIENDLY. 

Product Description:

  • To remove soil, dirt, and break down- carrying oils 
  • Highly disinfectant  
  • TC Hand soap gives you that gentle and soft feel with Moisturizer. 
  • Proper hygiene stops the spread of the Virus 


You determine the dilution ratio based on how bubbly you like your hand soap. A good starting dilution ratio is to cut the bar into 8 equal parts. Cut the bar in half long way, then cut the bar in half two times on the short side. That will give you 8 equal pieces 

Safety Cleans and Disinfect: 

  • with no harsh chemicals that might irritate the skin.
  • Keep hands clean and soft after every wash. 
  • Pour on hands and rub briskly on skin to kill 99.9 % of germs.      . 


Wet your hands before applying hand soap, bring your palm together and rub hand soap all over your palm and back of your hands, including between fingers. Wash your hands with a clean towel or paper. Avoid rubbing too vigorously.


  • Stored out of reach, and sight, of children.  
  • It should not be stored above 105°F
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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100 Gallons
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Metro Manila, NCR
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3-5 Days
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