Benefits of being a Vendor / Merchant / Wholesaler at Bultuhan.

  • Starting is simple, fast, and non-exclusive. A great option to not needing a separate web-shop so you can reduce marketing costs.
  • The potential of our marketplace name is hugely popular where it will allow opportunities from regional sales and onwards to international gain.
  • Additional channels to market and sell your products, gaining access to new audiences. Help build up your product branding.
  • You benefit from the reach of the marketplace and will be a gain level of trust between you, retail buyers, and other businesses.
  • Start using a user-friendly yet powerful catalog management system with an automated purchasing process.

Apply for a vendor account

Because vendors sell products in our marketplace, we (Bultuhan Com Publishing Services) have to request certain information about them. For example, the company name and description of a vendor are shown to customers and serve to distinguish vendors from each other; the address is used for shipping rate calculation.

However, we also request some personal data, such as first name/last name and emails address. Those are necessary for creating a vendor’s administrator account in our system. Vendors work with the marketplace through such accounts. Email addresses are necessary because they distinguish administrators from each other. You sign in to the store by entering the email address you provide here. Names are necessary because a single vendor can have multiple administrators—it is easier to handle accountability that way.

We also send account-related emails (such as order status notifications, password reset emails, and more) to the provided email address. For that reason we need to store your email address while you remain our customer. If you decide that you no longer want to work with our marketplace and would like to have personal data removed from our database (or if you’d like to get all the personal data associated with your account that we have), please send an email to

If you believe that your personal data has been misused, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. We’re obliged by EU General Data Protection Regulation to let you know about this right; we don’t actually intend to misuse your data.